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Friday, November 20, 2009
Peace on Earth
9:01 PM

As I've mentioned to a couple friends, I feel as if I've been floating (not unpleasantly) in a timeless state for about a week(?) now. What changed? I don't know if it was that entire night of lucid dreams or that I was praying about the angsty feelings I was having about "my-life-is-not-where-I-want"-itis. I'm good right now. I have such a marvelous life here on my little part of Earth: I have more more more than enough. There is a huge list of what I'd like to do in my life, and that is up to me. :) That used to only scare me. Now it does that, but sort of exhilarates me as well. If I want to go skydiving, all I have to do is save the money, take the classes, and DO IT. I think this is what I'm getting from this timeless feeling: if I feel, for a while, that there's no time, I'm not worrying about it, and I can really think, without it being tinged all over with sadness & anxiety. 'Cause I'm done with that. I might have to work on it every day for years still; everyone has to, and should work on their life. You come out a bit stronger, and with things a bit clearer each time.
SO, I'm supposed to write everyday about Christmas. Yes, it is more than a month in advance. My cousin put her tree up two weeks ago! ;D It is genetic. Mom & I cut out, decorated, and baked gingerbread women today. I might have spent excessive time on mine, but I like it that way. I gave some little saris with a butter knife (squee). I need a way to make them perfect. I'm thinking paper stencils to sprinkle the coloured sanding sugars into...because lining up the long hundreds & thousands into clothing outlines takes a very, very long time. ^_~

☆33 Days Until Christmas Eve☆

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Crown of Candles
8:57 PM

I want to do Saint Lucia's Day properly this year. It's on my sister's birthday, and she was also blonde for more than half of her life (until her hair darkened up). So far - in past years - I've only made the bread (but for supper, not in the morning). I'd like to have a "crown" of candles on the table in the morning, and coffee, and everything else. Only it will not be presented in a traditional manner at all! But...there are certain days & stories I want to celebrate with my future children, and I want to start now! I should get a blonde wig for my SD-sized balljointed doll and dress her for that day! ^_^

☆37 Days Until Christmas Eve☆

Sunday, November 15, 2009
9:36 AM

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for your patience. I have been awful with communication this past week.
It always happens if I'm being a hag, it is just that time of the month. I never know why until my mother figures it out... :P
SO, on to the Christmassy stuff of the day!
Mom & I made gingerbread dough last night, while listening to all the Christmas records. Speaking of that, I need to get an iTunes card & download my favourite versions of my favourite songs! Got some of the Christmas magazines out (we keep them every year). We're in one of them from a year or two ago - well Mom and my sister are. I didn't go to that event that year. My dad died on Christmas Eve, getting food ready for this event...I've had a couple times there that were good since, but I just can't face it always.
Today, my friend Marla has been sick (and her sister & sister's boyfriend is coming to visit tonight from Ontario!), so I stayed home and I got the Christmas things out! I'm watching 100 Years of the Santa Claus Parade DVD & later today the Santa Claus Parade is on! Big tradition. My mother grew up near Toronto, so she's seen it there. I'd love to see it once or more in person. We'll roll out & cut gingerbread people this afternoon. There were some monsters and unfortune candy placements that ended up looking phallic last year.... ^_^; Springerle is next, using a cookie press Dad bought Mom that is very, very nice. The design is a nutcracker's face. We have several plastic presses, but I'd like to get Mom another nice Christmas one. We do have some nice farm animals, they're adorable! There's a golden apple on my tree outside the window to my right. <3 How Narnian.
I hope to make the mocca balls this week. It's squares of pound cake covered on all sides by pastel icing (my Christmas growing up was all in pastels as far as sweets went AND the reindeer are the most important cookie shape) and rolled in coconut. So yum. Especially frozen. Then, coffee balls (including gluten-free for Sarah & friends), and thumbprint cookies, the white cookies, crescents, biscotti....

☆39 Days Until Christmas Eve☆

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Sugarplums Danced
9:29 PM

I'm off to bed, to dreamtime.
Last night was mostly all lucid dreaming, which was great. :)
I keep thinking of dreamy nights of glowing dark blue skies letting go of snow that falls softly.
I gathered together the gifts I've bought so far. I really like to give something to each of my [paternal] cousins, their children, a card & tiny present to each aunt and uncle, my grandparents, of course my immediate family, and quite a few friends...oh, not to mention the animals! =^_^=

I brought my sewing, crochet & knitting, plus felting things to this area the computer is in...I started a pink cape for a Blythe, I started felting a styrofoam ball (and also tried sticking white feathers all in...the ball now looks like the moon), and I have two pieces of Christmas fabric to work with...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Frosty the Snowman
8:51 PM

Watch 101 Classic Christmas Videos Online!

I've made a list of requisite holiday films for me:
1. White Christmas
2. The Miracle On 34th Street
3. The Santa Clause
4. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (1951)
5. Very old Christmas cartoons.
6. Mickey's Christmas Carol
7. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. Frosty the Snowman
9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
10. The Muppet Christmas Carol
(I'm sure I missing some. My Christmas tastes tend to run to things we watched as young children with cousins on Christmas Eve. I also like Christmas episodes of old TV shows, like Bewitched. The Roswell Christmas episodes are also mandatory! ^_^)

Films I've never seen but think I should:
1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Holiday Inn (1942)
3. Gremlins
4. Love Actually

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Silver Bells
5:47 PM

Need characoal disks for my hooka pipe - where are they? Jenny's also informed me I must have comments here. =^_^=

I should work on those wishlists my mom & grandparents want, so:

☆Bobobie Lucky Doll in Tan
☆Cigar Cookies & My Favourite Cheeses (as always)
☆Ringing Cedars books
☆iTunes Giftcard
☆Skin-Toned Polymer Clay
☆Ingrid, Regina, or Imogen's new musics
☆My Etsy & Froogle wishlists..

My grandparents are different. Well, it's really my grandma that does all the shopping. ^_^ She will usually only feel good about buying certain things - though she says, "whatever you want!". The few times she goes out & buys something she doesn't understand [why I like it], it is really dear to me. ^_^

☆clothes (PJs, a couple bras, skirt, gloves, tops)
☆shoes/Victorian-ish winter boots
☆the blue bag (I already picked out)& a custom luggage tag (from Etsy or similar)
☆house things (quilt, Christmas ornament, whatever)
☆makeup & etcetra

Needs editing.

☆44 Days Until Christmas Eve☆

Reindeer Overdose
10:06 AM

The layout isn't exactly Christmassy, and it's a pre-made (I miss the days when I used to make ones like this myself! it was one of my favourite things to do), and I love it.

All of my [vinyl] Christmas albums are out now, and I'll listen to them anytime I'm working on things related, but I don't want to overdose on the red and the green and the reindeer before it's even close to December 24th.

One of my best friends from university emailed me a short update on our mutual best friend & I'm so relieved. She's taking a course in something that is so her & I'm really happy! I miss her, I can't think about her very much or I start to cry. She lives on the other side of the world...

I have some Mad Men to watch.

☆44 Days Until Christmas Eve☆